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1107Re: [tracker2] GPS power control

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  • Keri Morgret
    Oct 11, 2006
      No, but I have seen (a website of) a street legal jet powered VW Beetle.


      I know it's off topic, but this is the OT list, right? :) And it does
      feel like a Friday.

      Hmm..maybe we could get this guy licensed and on APRS so we can see
      where he is and check out his car?


      >Ever see the anti-theft system which consisted of pipes right below
      >the doors of the car on the outside with nozzles pointing up? If
      >the alarm was triggered it instantly caused flames to shoot upwards
      >on both sides of the car about 6 feet or so. I think that was in
      >Africa. We can't do that here.
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