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1102Re: [tracker2] GPS power control

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  • Wes Johnston, AI4PX
    Oct 10, 2006
      I think many folks would like 5v switched power for a GPS, but myself, since I smoked a tripmate years ago by hooking it to 12v accidentally, I always put a regulator into the GPS and run them on 12v.  Personally, I can see using the motion sensor to turn on the GPS and radio at the same time.  Only the most miserly power application would require powering on the GPS separate from the radio.  Of course this excludes applications where the high current switch is used in a balloon cutdown... but in that application you'd run the GPS all the time anyway.
      Another use I could think of for power control on a tracker would be either door locks or engine kill. 

      On 10/10/06, scott@... <scott@...> wrote:

      I think I'm going to do a small run of another board revision to test out a
      few ideas, including the motion sensor. I'm also looking at adding another
      switch to control power to the GPS receiver. Another VN820 would be
      overkill, though - it shouldn't really have to drive more than about 100 mA.
      I'm thinking a PNP transistor as a high side switch might do it. Some of
      the MCU I/O pins can sink up to 25 mA, should be fine even with a low Hfe.

      Hmm.. maybe that's not such a good idea if there's a possibility that it
      might need to switch 12 volts for GPS power. But then, maybe it's not worth
      supporting 12 volt GPS power control anyway. Getting a little too tired
      tonight to think clearly on this.



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