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1100GPS power control

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  • scott@opentrac.org
    Oct 9, 2006
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      I think I'm going to do a small run of another board revision to test out a
      few ideas, including the motion sensor. I'm also looking at adding another
      switch to control power to the GPS receiver. Another VN820 would be
      overkill, though - it shouldn't really have to drive more than about 100 mA.
      I'm thinking a PNP transistor as a high side switch might do it. Some of
      the MCU I/O pins can sink up to 25 mA, should be fine even with a low Hfe.

      Hmm.. maybe that's not such a good idea if there's a possibility that it
      might need to switch 12 volts for GPS power. But then, maybe it's not worth
      supporting 12 volt GPS power control anyway. Getting a little too tired
      tonight to think clearly on this.


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