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1074RE: [tracker2] GPS data to computer as well?

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  • Curt, WE7U
    Oct 3, 2006
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      On Sun, 1 Oct 2006 scott@... wrote:

      > Not yet. I'd be wary of throwing them in between KISS frames - too much
      > potential for interference there.

      Actually you might be able to do something tricky like enclose the
      GPS strings in a KISS packet but give it a different port ID (like
      MKISS), but then put in a CRLF just before the GPS string(s) so that
      software which is looking for $GPGGA/$GPRMC at the beginning of a
      string can find it. It'd be kind of like running an HSP port but
      without the string corruption you get with HSP.

      > What software currently supports the
      > Control-E thing?

      PocketAPRS, Xastir, SmartPalm I think, others. It's usually called
      PicoPacket mode, after the Paccomm dual-port PicoPacket (which I
      have one of somewhere) which first implemented it. Hmmm. Forgot I
      even had that TNC... Might have to hook it to my HamHUD for a bit
      to play, if I can still find it.

      > How exactly is it supposed to behave?

      The computer sends a Control-E out the TNC port whenever it wants
      the TNC to send it the GPS string(s). Otherwise the computer is
      receiving packet strings from the TNC.

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