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1072Firmware build 54010

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  • scott@opentrac.org
    Oct 2, 2006
      New firmware's up. This version has improved buffer handling, and might fix
      the intermittent RX lockup problem. It also has some extra diagnostics to
      try to narrow that down.

      I've also started a more detailed changelog to track updates. It'll be on
      CVS, but I'll also post relevant portions here.

      Here's an example of the INFO command's new format:

      49,475 9,6
      04:56 04:26 04:48 04:2F 04:2F 04:2D 00:00 00:00 00:00 04:2F
      OVF1:0 OVF2:0 EVQ:00C0 BUF:00
      TEMP:31C VOLT:14 RX:40 FCS:59 DIGI:0 CFG1

      If you have any problems with RX lockups, or anything else for that matter,
      copy this information down and email it to me before you do anything else.
      The first line refers to FIFO pointers, and the second line gives status and
      length for packets in the queue. OVF1 and OVF2 are overflow counters for
      two types of FIFO overflows, EVQ is the event queue state, and BUF is the
      size of another internal buffer.

      I've also added the DIGI count to the status line, which gets reported over
      the air as well. This is the number of packets digipeated since startup.


      10/2/2006 Fixed Garmin DLE escaping code to detect framing errors
      Added overflow and digi counts for debugging
      Modified buffer_rollback() to allow discarding from
      top of packet queue
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