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10688RE: [tracker2] Can't connect to T2-301 using OTWINCFG [1 Attachment]

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  • Fred Hillhouse
    Jun 11, 2010
    This is unsolicited but It may be useful to someone.
    I use PORTB for the GPS all the time. I haven't found any reason not to since I always reserve PORTA for the PC/Laptop/PDA. [Yep, I do use a PDA at times.] Except maybe that I could plug a serial GPS directly into a T2. I configured PORTA as AUTO and PORTB for the GPS. In my case, PORTB = Garmin. Someday I may revisit my thinking but this is not the day.
    I have a Garmin GPS V that uses the connector shown. I have a cable that allows serial communications as well as power. The T2-301/GPS would make for a simple tracker.
    Best regards,

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    Subject: RE: [tracker2] Can't connect to T2-301 using OTWINCFG [1 Attachment]


    Hi Nic,
    I did up a drawing for visual people (me) and it is attached. I like schematics most of them time.
    It doesn't show anything new really, but it does indicate direction of data flow between the hardware. The PC pins are always as indicated when dealing with the 9 pin dsub connectors. Again, this doesn't matter if you using a USB to RS232 or PC Card to RS232 or...
    Hope this helps!

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    Subject: [tracker2] Can't connect to T2-301 using OTWINCFG


    Hi all,
    I recently purchased a T2-301 and it arrived this week. I made a cable that supplies DC to the device negative on pin 4 and positive on pin 5 and connects pin 4 to my USB to serial converter pin 5, pin 2 to my USB to serial converter pin 3 and pin 8 to my USB to serial converter pin 2. Is this correct?
    I have loaded OTWINCFG onto my laptop and when I run it it doesn't progress past the connect to tracker screen. It doesn't matter if I check the Disable Turbo box or not.
    Can anybody on the list suggest what I might be doing wrong?
    Best 73's

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