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10661Re: Tracker2 with LCD display - RESOLVED

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  • JohnD
    Jun 7, 2010
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      > - display outputs gibberish characters on lines 1/3 when T2 writes to it. But I never see gibberish on lines 2/4

      Power up sequence? What Power up sequence? Ohhhhhhhhh, you mean *that* power up sequence.

      Fred tells me the following in an email "The LCD has a particular startup sequence and this will only be done at the T2 startup."

      Whereas, I took the WIKI quite literally "No configuration is necessary. The standard Tracker2 firmware will begin using the display automatically. "

      So, I just plugged it in, hot. What a newbie mistake!

      > -I put an SPST switch on +5v input (pin 15 on the mono8) and
      > here's the really weird part. When I turn on the switch, the display and the backlight LEDs come on. When I turn off the switch, the LEDS remain on, but dim down a bit.
      Bad switch - still delivering +3.9V power in the OFF position
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