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10626Re: [tracker2] Tracker 2 with LCD - How did you package it?

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  • jjmagda@cox.net
    Jun 1, 2010
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      John and all,
      An echo thanks for the good info too.

      I looked everywhere for a case and found a quite expensive one by accident.

      A Pertilian external data display, recycle the internal board elsewhere, and use the 4x20 case to house the T2 viewer. (50. USD )
      Just checked and thinkgeek.com was out but others had some. Cheers!
      John-FM17, kb4yfk, VA, USA

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      Subject: RE: [tracker2] Tracker 2 with LCD - How did you package it?


      Hi John,
      I have not gone beyond "in the raw" yet so I won't be much help there. Let us see what you end up doing.
      Best regards,

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      Subject: [tracker2] Tracker 2 with LCD - How did you package it?



      I have read the wiki and previous posts on HOW to do this. Seems pretty straightforward. Thanks to Fred, Scott, and all others for the good notes.

      If you have connected an LCD I would like to hear about/see pictures of how you packaged it. What case? What cables?

      Fred's early pictures showed his "in the raw" on his dashboard.
      I want to take one into the field on my portable T2 fill-in digipeater so I am looking for ideas to keep it cleaner and drier.

      73 de K0JDD

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