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1054Re: [tracker2] NSR support?

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  • Wes Johnston, AI4PX
    Sep 26, 2006
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      The NSR idea shifted out from under APRS.  It got bogged down in the AX25 level 2 connected mode stuff and they made changes to it that made it not helpful to APRS.  When I asked about the changes they said it was not for APRS any more.  So we stay with New wideN-N

      On 9/25/06, Jesse Brown <kf4hzu@...> wrote:

      Will there be NSR support in the Tracker2 digi code?


      Also, I'd love to help beta test if you need someone to work on the
      digi stuff. As I said on the OpenTracker list, I know C and a little
      assembly. I'm also very familiar with CVS.

      - Jesse

      P.S . Still looking for the source for OT1 build 53969 :)

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