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10188Re: decode issues - only decoding digipeated packets

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  • Alan
    Mar 28, 2010
      A few things:

      APRS.fi has been having a heard station bug for the past day or so. If you look at your mobile's raw, it did go directly into your igate. 7 times this morning. But It only showed up twice in the heard station info.


      I live in a busy APRS area and don't digi when set up as an I-gate. When an I-Gate/digi is transmitting, it can't listen for packets to send to APRS-IS. Cutting down the efficiency of the I-gate. Your area might be OK doing both, especially since your setup as a courteous digi, only digipeating fresh 1st hop mobiles;-)

      Set the fastest stable serial baud rate to uiview, 57600 should speed up your packets sent to APRS-IS. It's a race to APRS-IS, only the winner shows up. Losers run 4800 or 9600 baud.

      Check to see if the EQ jumper is removed. data ports usually have unsqueched, non-deemphasized audio, so it should decode better with the EQ jumper pulled.

      The biggest problem I hear almost daily is APRS users have their RX audio and TX audio hosed up. They setup a tracker or digi and don't pay attention to their levels. When they don't track well, they think increasing path will help...

      These pages explain the most important part of APRS "layer-one":


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