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10079Re: Audio frequencies

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  • k7rbw
    Mar 5, 2010
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      If you're trying to test the tone frequencies, you can use the waterfall from DigiPan or HRD. Take the Mike audio from the tracker (what you would normally connect to the mike input on the radio) and plug it into the mike input of your computer you use for PSK-31 (be careful with the PTT signal). You should be able to see the tone frequencies in the waterfall. This won't decode the APRS signal, but it will tell you the tone frequencies; however, not necessarily the amplitude.

      If you have an 2nd radio, you can test your whole transmit chain (Tracker + radio) by taking the audio out of your 2nd radio and using that for the digipan input. This will give you an indication of modulation (not a precise one, but a practical one).

      Just my $.02.


      --- In tracker2@yahoogroups.com, "Gerd Steinruecke" <dj4kh@...> wrote:
      > Scott,
      > thanks for your reply. When i got you right the audio tones in the test mode
      > are the same as during real operation? So in my case
      > 1200 / 2200 Hz for 1200 baud and 2100 / 2300 Hz for 300 baud? Sorry, but due
      > to a current lack of any measurement equipment in my shack i can't find it
      > out on my own and i have to ask this (the single tones were measured with a
      > simple DMM).
      > If that is the case i could live with it, as you mentioned i just would have
      > to tune to another center freq on HF.
      > Unfortunately PSK-31 (or even PSK-250 for) doesn't work yet wih the T2m ....
      > Best regards
      > Gerd
      > DJ4KH
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