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10076Re: [tracker2] Audio frequencies

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  • Gerd Steinruecke
    Mar 4, 2010

      thanks for your reply. When i got you right the audio tones in the test mode
      are the same as during real operation? So in my case
      1200 / 2200 Hz for 1200 baud and 2100 / 2300 Hz for 300 baud? Sorry, but due
      to a current lack of any measurement equipment in my shack i can't find it
      out on my own and i have to ask this (the single tones were measured with a
      simple DMM).

      If that is the case i could live with it, as you mentioned i just would have
      to tune to another center freq on HF.

      Unfortunately PSK-31 (or even PSK-250 for) doesn't work yet wih the T2m ....

      Best regards

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      From: "Scott Miller" <scott@...>
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      Sent: Sunday, February 28, 2010 7:13 PM
      Subject: Re: [tracker2] Audio frequencies

      > The 300 baud tones have changed a couple of times. In the source code
      > it's just a couple of DEFINEs and there are notes on how to set them.
      > No one can ever agree on what tones to use for 300 baud, but on SSB it
      > doesn't really - you just need to take the offset into account when
      > setting the dial frequency.
      > Scott
      > dj4kh wrote:
      >> Hi all,
      >> i bought my tracker some weeks ago and finally i found some time to try
      >> to set it up together with an IC-706MK II G. I want to use it on HF.
      >> Using the main config tool (otwincfg.exe) in the tuning / diagnostics
      >> mode i observed that the audio output frequencies differ with the baud
      >> settings. When i tick the 1200 baud box the HIGH tone is about 2200 Hz
      >> while LOW is 1200 Hz. This complies with the calibration command
      >> (tracker manual rev. 12-9-2009, p.29), If i tick the 300 baud box the
      >> tones are 2100 Hz for LOW and 2300 Hz for HIGH respectively. I just want
      >> to make sure whether this is correct. I would have expected 1600 Hz and
      >> 1800 Hz as discribed under "Baud Rate" on p.18.
      >> Maybe someone can confirm these settings...
      >> regards,
      >> Gerd, dj4kh
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