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10067T2 Programing questions

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  • wb9sli
    Mar 2, 2010
      Have gotten my T2 several months and have just now had time to get it going and have several questions. I am using it with a Nuvi 350 and all indications are that it is working well.

      1. I am trying to change the reply message from the Nuvi "--reply WB9SLI is out and about"
      it does not seem to accept my command. I can get the reply to "--version" ok in the in
      box. I did the programming from my computer (XP) for the initial set up but see no menu
      for many of the commands listed in the manual. Is there another program recommended
      to program the commands from the computer?

      2. When I send a message from the Nuvi / T2 to my other radio (D700) I get the reply
      message in my inbox duplicated a total of 3 identical replies. There is a Digi that my
      be repeating my signal. I get the same duplicates when messaging a friends radio. Any
      ideas on set up?

      Thank! Mike
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