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10066Re: [tracker2] Audio frequencies

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  • Scott Miller
    Feb 28, 2010
      The 300 baud tones have changed a couple of times. In the source code
      it's just a couple of DEFINEs and there are notes on how to set them.
      No one can ever agree on what tones to use for 300 baud, but on SSB it
      doesn't really - you just need to take the offset into account when
      setting the dial frequency.


      dj4kh wrote:
      > Hi all,
      > i bought my tracker some weeks ago and finally i found some time to try
      > to set it up together with an IC-706MK II G. I want to use it on HF.
      > Using the main config tool (otwincfg.exe) in the tuning / diagnostics
      > mode i observed that the audio output frequencies differ with the baud
      > settings. When i tick the 1200 baud box the HIGH tone is about 2200 Hz
      > while LOW is 1200 Hz. This complies with the calibration command
      > (tracker manual rev. 12-9-2009, p.29), If i tick the 300 baud box the
      > tones are 2100 Hz for LOW and 2300 Hz for HIGH respectively. I just want
      > to make sure whether this is correct. I would have expected 1600 Hz and
      > 1800 Hz as discribed under "Baud Rate" on p.18.
      > Maybe someone can confirm these settings...
      > regards,
      > Gerd, dj4kh
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