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Re: [tr-m] Fw: Re: American Republicans 'overwhelmingly' against warin 1940

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  • Henry Hendrix
    List members, I must say that, although I am a huge Theodore Roosevelt admirer, and although I subscriber to the individuals make history vice the history
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 30, 2000
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      List members,
      I must say that, although I am a huge Theodore Roosevelt admirer, and
      although I subscriber to the "individuals make history" vice the "history
      makes individuals" school of thought, I believe it is a massive overstretch
      to believe that TR could have personally averted WWI.
      A careful review of the documentation surrounding the events leading up
      to World War I demonstrate not only an institutional intent by numerous
      actors (German General Staff, British Admiralty, Austro-Hungarian Empire) to
      bring about the conflict. That they underestimated the conflict's size and
      its brutality is true, but the intent was very clearly there to maximize
      their influence.
      TR was widely respected in European circles. His work in the
      Russo-Japanese war conference, and numerous other crises had earned him a
      special place in negotiations. However, his influence was over individuals,
      and WWI was very much a creation of institutions. Momentum is and was a
      powerful thing to overcome, even for a bullmoose.
      I must agree that TR would have had us participate in the war at a much
      earlier stage, and I believe we would have had a much more profound
      influence in the world over the next twenty years.
      Let me close by saying that I too enjoy this line of discussion very
      much. TR has so much to teach us yet today, if we only will ask his ghost
      the right questions.
      Very Respectfully,
      H. J. Hendrix
      LCDR, USN

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      >TR list members,
      >It is always nice to see activity on these list servers. I tend to agree
      >the broader statement of Mary Beth than the more restrictive two scenario
      >outcome of Joseph. After reading Bishop's documentation of the secret
      >negotiation that TR conducted with Germany and Spain I got the feeling he
      >overted WWI when he was president. Combine this with the way he was
      >received by
      >all the countries after he left the presidency and it seems to me that on a
      >personal level with the European Leaders he could have had unlimited ways
      >overt war. Plus if WWI was overted WWII may never have happened. The theft
      >the 1912 Republican nomination by Taft was very costly. "Thou shall not
      >elections" or there is a price to pay. I wonder what price we are paying
      >by having elections stolen by people elected to office using power verses
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