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Re: [tr-m] TV and Hollywood connections to the Roosevelts

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  • John A. Gable
    I wonder if the sender of this message would identify himself or herself. It s just nice to know who one is talking to, or hearing from. J. Gable ... From:
    Message 1 of 9 , Jan 5, 2004
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      I wonder if the sender of this message would identify himself or herself.
      It's just nice to know who one is talking to, or hearing from.
      J. Gable
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      Subject: [tr-m] TV and Hollywood connections to the Roosevelts

      > in 1993, i read that Michelle Pfeffier in researching her role in the
      > Scoresese movie "Age of Innocence" based on Edith Wharton studied the
      > voice of Ethel Roosevelt, TR's youngest daughter, in order to capture
      > the true NY society accent of the period. Wonder if those tapes
      > still exist? I'm sure Ethel Roosevelt died in the 70's and never met
      > Michelle Pfeffier but i think the tapes were used as a dialect guide.
      > Also, in 1970 or perhaps 1971, Sixty Minutes interviewed Alice
      > Roosevelt. I don't think it was similiar to the Ed Bradley interview
      > with Michael Jackson. But, i believe it was either Harry Reasoner
      > who interviewed her. It is said that she did an imitation of Eleanor
      > Roosevelt (who was already dead) as well as Mrs. Taft. I don't think
      > it was an interview that touched upon too much personal stuff but i
      > was wondering if anybody had seen this interview. I tried to find
      > out about this through the Museaum of Public Broadcasting. Didn't
      > get far enough. I think Harry Reasoner has passed on but i was
      > certain he was the one who interviewed her.
      > Also, i did read Michael Teague's book "Conversations with Mrs. L"
      > published shortly after her death. I know that this author is
      > deceased. But, in the book, he mentions interviewing her using tape
      > recorder and transribing these tapes. If it took place in the late
      > 70's, i would imagine these tapes were on regular cassettes and not
      > reel to reel. Wonder if the Harvard library or if the Association
      > has these tapes?? They would be interesting to listen to.
      > Who Plays TR
      > Regarding the question earlier posted, who would play TR - Richard
      > Dreyfus would be a laughable choice!! He's too old!! Sorry - i
      > always picture Mr. Hooper in Jaws and the Neebish teen in American
      > Graffiti. Too short, too bald, and not even close to the kind of
      > rough n tough character that TR was. Not to mention, Dreyfus'
      > politics which was way left of TR. And his voice is so nasal and
      > easily identifiable. He is a charming guy, a great actor, but...he's
      > no TR.
      > Past Tr's on screen
      > I thought Brian Keith was too old in the movie in the 70's. Besides,
      > Being Mr. Bill from Family Affair - he just couldn't pull off TR's
      > presence. However, i think he did the best he could.
      > I thought Tom Berenger was decent in the TNT film. He had the
      > athletic build and the look pretty good. His acting chops are good.
      > But, as a movie, i just didn't think it measured up.
      > John Davidson in heavy make-up is OK. I just can't get over how
      > Davidson was so perky in real-life like a over-hyper puppy dog. So, i
      > can't get past that.
      > So, now, we come to the question regarding the TR movie. We all know
      > that Edmund Morris did write a screenplay in the 70's "The dude from
      > NY". One wonders if Hollywood did it today what it would be like.
      > This is the same Hollywood who has given
      > us "Nixon", "JFK" "Gettysburgh" and of course "The Patriot".
      > Several movies that haven't exactly delivered the goods either from
      > the box office or from a historical angle.
      > The Tr Movie - We can only speculate what Hollywood would do...
      > Since the TR story would need to blend with the hip, attention span
      > deficient youth of America - here is what Hollywood would do if they
      > found the long-forgotten Edmund Morris' script "The Dude from New
      > York". First, it would be produced by Harvey Weinstein of Miramax
      > and be a similiar picture to the great Merchant-Ivory films of the
      > mid- 90's done tastefully in a historically accurate fashion.
      > i think Ben Affleck should play TR in Edmund Morris' old unfinished
      > screen-play "The Dude From New York". Affleck could play TR and in
      > heavy make-up he could play TR in the older years. Britney Spears as
      > Alice Lee? Sandra Bullock as Edith? RObert Deniro as William
      > McKinley? How about Matt Damon as Elliott Roosevelt, younger
      > brother? Anthony Hopkins as Mark Hanna? Al Pacino as TR's, stern,
      > loveable father? Jennifer Lopez as the highly eccentric and precious
      > Mittie? Robin Williams as Cecil-Spring Rice? Paul Newman as Henry
      > Adams?
      > I wouldn't want to speculate what Oliver Stone would do to the "TR"
      > screenplay. Let's just say - there would be a large focus on the
      > Spanish-American War, The Panama Canal, and the Brownsville
      > incident.
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    • sherryj@u.arizona.edu
      ... I like Brian Keith and could sort of picture him acting as TR. If I may project, I think the problem optic has with the various actors mentioned
      Message 2 of 9 , Jan 6, 2004
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        > But Brian Keith was good physically as TR in that Milius film Wind
        > and
        > the Lion. It's just that the falsifications of history in that movie
        > came fast and furious.

        I like Brian Keith and could sort of picture him acting as TR.

        If I may project, I think the problem "optic" has with the various actors
        mentioned previously is in being overly aware of other roles they had
        played. With such a well-known face as TR's, it takes a lot of faith to toss
        aside ingrained stuff and try to absorb what you're seeing on the screen. A
        good, honest movie and good acting ability can go a long, long way in
        overiding all the preconceptions but how often does a good movie come
        along? I saw that latest version of Titantic over the holidays and can now
        understand the addicting appeal it has for some people I know that have
        seen it over and over, but was disappointed in its lost opportunities. And,
        by the way, I could not mentally accept the "Misery" wacko as the
        Unsinkable Molly Brown, no way! :-)
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