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Re: [troosevelt] TR & Nikola Tesla

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  • Robert Kuniegel
    John A. Gable, Ph.D., Thanks you for the information. I find this an intriguing unexplored area of history. How might a person search all the Edison
    Message 1 of 1 , May 19, 2000
      John A. Gable, Ph.D.,

      Thanks you for the information. I find this an intriguing unexplored area of
      history. How might a person search all the Edison correspondence with TR? Can a
      person view an electronic version of TR Papers in the Library of Congress? Does
      the Theodore Roosevelt Association have any plans to develop an electronic
      versions of TR's papers if they are not already available in electronic format.

      Given what you stated about Theodore Roosevelt being a good friend of Thomas
      Edison I can understand why TR never invited Tesla to the White House or why TR
      never had contact with Tesla. Thomas Edison was to Tesla as Taft was to TR.
      Edison played a major part in destroying the last 30 years of Tesla's life. TR
      only had pain for about 10 years from Taft's actions. The end effect was the
      same though. TR and Tesla lost something key to their maintaining a meaningful
      existence. TR lost Quentin and Tesla lost his ability to conduct scientific

      When Tesla arrived in New York from Europe he did not have a penny in his
      pocket. Tesla lost what money he had in Europe due to broken promises by people
      he trusted. He found a large sum of money ($50 if memory serves me correctly) in
      the street when he arrived and promptly gave it away to the first needy person
      he saw on the street.

      Money never meant anything to Tesla. Money was just something he needed to
      conduct his experiments with electricity. He made the same mistake over and over
      in his life when it came to money. In his early years his work always made money
      for the people he helped and he only ever asked (on trust not contract) that
      they give him part of the profit so that he could do his experiments. Basically
      he wanted nothing to do with making money or business transactions.

      Tesla was stiffed in one form or another in everything he did during his life.
      He always thought "no be deal" because he would invent something new that would
      pay for his experiments but his luck ran out after Edison waged a political
      campaign against him.

      After Tesla gave the money he found on the street away he went down the street
      and got a job working for Edison. I do not remember how long he worked for
      Edison but there came a time when Edison had a job repairing a power plant on a
      ship. Edison offered Tesla a large sum of money if he could fix the problem (I
      thing it was $50,000 or it could have been $5,000). Tesla worked around the
      clock with out sleep for days and solved the problem. Edison refused to pay
      Tesla and Tesla promptly quit working for Edison and thus started a life long
      dispute between the two inventors.

      Tesla's and Edison's paths crossed on an important issue. Edison whated to make
      money by lighting America with local DC electric power dynamos. Tesla said this
      was a poor way to generate electricity. Tesla wanted centralized power
      production that would be more cost effective because it would require less power
      generators if power could be transmitted over long distances (this required the
      use of AC power). Edison took this as a personal assault on his business
      interests and set out to destroy Tesla anyway that he could to stop the AC power
      concept from being adopted in America.

      Another reason why Tesla wanted the country to go AC power was because he
      believe power could be transmitted without the use of power line using the
      atmosphere. He was able to transmit power in this manner over short distances
      but was stopped for lack of money from transmitting electricity across the
      Atlantic. He was only able to construct one transmitter on Long Island. As a
      result of Edison's assault on AC power, Tesla gave away at least a billion
      dollars in patents to Westinghouse on a hand shake with the understanding that
      Westinghouse would back his experiments for the rest of his life. Tesla got
      stiffed again.

      These are the basic facts behind the Tesla \ Edison conflict. It would be
      interesting to find out what if any aid TR gave Edison in his battle against
      Tesla. I think Tesla and TR would have been great friends if TR ever discovered
      the true Tesla.

      Bob Kuniegel

      "John A. Gable" wrote:

      > TR was a friend of Thomas A. Edison and there is certainly correspondence in
      > the TR Papers in the Library of Congress. There is no correspondence with
      > Westinghouse.
      > I know nothing about Lodge's relatives. See one of the fine biographies of
      > Lodge, such as that by John Garraty.
      > Best wishes from Oyster Bay,
      > John A. Gable, Ph.D.
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      > > "John A. Gable" wrote:
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      > > > Dear Mr. Kuniegel,
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      > > > There is no correspondence between TR & Tesla in the TR Papers at the
      > > > Library of Congress, and no reference to Tesla in the index of the TR
      > > > Collection at Harvard.
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      > > > Dr. Gable,
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      > > Thanks for your prompt informative reply. Maybe there is a indirect
      > reference
      > > to Tesla somewhere. Do you know if TR had any correspondence with Edison
      > or
      > > Westinghouse? Perhaps we have found an area of science of which TR had
      > little
      > > interest!
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      > > Also this is out of your area of study but do you have any knowledge of
      > Senator
      > > Lodge haveing a relative that was a inventor.
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