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Fw: Teddy Tonight - new play off-broadway

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  • John A. Gable
    ... From: Chris Speers To: Linda E.Milano
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 1, 2002
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      Subject: Teddy Tonight - new play off-broadway

      I did see the new Larry Luckinbill play "Teddy Tonight" about TR in 1918
      off- Broadway. It was actually done very nicely. Lawrence Luckinbill has
      performed many one - man shows including Lyndon Johnson and Clarence
      Darrow. To me, he was very much on with the historical stuff.

      Play takes place on July 18, 1918 shortly after he hears of Q's plane
      crashing. I couldn't pick out many inaccurate things and he even mentions
      TR appetite for peaches and cream. He picks up such references as TR's
      habit of going "over and through" but not around. You could tell
      Luckinbill read the Morris, McCullogh, and saw the PBS documentary on TR.
      He pretty much covered his entire life from his admiration of his father
      (TR) to the Assembly days to the Death of Alice Lee to the West to Cuba to
      the River of Doubt.

      He played it right in my view because he kept the true "Victorian" nature
      of TR's character in that he actually felt the guilt about re-marrying
      Edith Carow and most importantly we didn't get a version of Roosevelt
      emoting like he was Al Pacino full of tears, angst, and over-emotion. He
      kept it restrained just like i would imagine TR would. He also kept the
      child-like innocent nature of TR.

      Luckinbill was outstanding. When i talked to him after the show, he
      mentioned that he hadn't heard of the TRA nor had he visited Sagamore Hill
      or the birthplace. But, his acting chops and writing ability were
      excellent. There was about 100 people and the performance was nearly sold

      At the end of the play as TR, he confides in the audience that he knows his
      son is dead. The reaction is what you would expect. My favorite part was
      Luckinbill's TR reacting to his father and how much he meant to him.
      It's really cool to see people like Luckinbill paying tribute to Morris and
      all the historians who have kept TR alive.


      written and performed by Laurence Luckinbill
      Abingdon Mainstage Theatre
      312 West 36th
      Luckinbill stars in a solo performance as former President Theodore
      Roosevelt. As Roosevelt prepares to publicly lambast President Woodrow
      Wilson for America's military unpreparedness in World War One, he receives
      word that his youngest son, a new pilot in AmericaÕs 95th Aero Squadron,
      has been shot down behind enemy lines. Anxiously awaiting news of his sonÕs
      capture or death, this great American warrior, husband and father, reassess
      the tragedies and triumphs of his remarkable life

      October 18th - November10th
      Wednesday-Friday at 7:30pm, Saturday at 2pm & 7:30pm, Sunday at 3pm
      Tickets: $19.00
      Reservations: 212-206-1515 or www.smarttix.com

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    • KDalt@aol.com
      I want to invite interested TRA members to my talk Theodore Roosevelt and the New York He Loved ---Nov. 22, Friday--7 P.M. at the TR Birthplace in Manhattan--
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        I want to invite interested TRA members to my talk "Theodore Roosevelt and
        the New York He Loved"---Nov. 22, Friday--7 P.M. at the TR Birthplace in

        Kathleen Dalton
        Charles Warren Center, Harvard University
        Phillips Academy, Andover
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