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Fw: Theodore and Franklin D. Roosevelt Naval History Prize

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                 We are pleased to announce that the winner of the Theodore and Franklin D. Roosevelt Naval History Prize for 2002 is John H. Schroeder for his book MATTHEW GALBRAITH PERRY,  ANTEBELLUM SAILOR AND DIPLOMAT, a masterful biographical study of one of American naval history's most compelling figures.  Professor Schroeder teaches at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee campus. The annual prize program is sponsored by the New York Council of the Navy League, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute, and Theodore Roosevelt Association.  The prize has been awarded since 1986 to the book of the year  "which most usefully illuminates the role of seapower or maritime history within the ambit of American history."
               The presentation of the prize will be at a luncheon in New York City on September 26, 2002. Time and place (one of the private clubs) will be announced.  The luncheon is not a fund raiser and the charge is reasonable. If you are interested in attending, please notify me at this office so that I can see to it that an invitation is sent to you. The luncheon is an official function of the NY Council of the Navy League.
                                                        John   A.  Gable
      Executive Director, Theodore Roosevelt Association, Oyster Bay, New York
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