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Re: [tr-m] A Work in Progress... Publishing Book on M.G. Norman D. Cota Sr.

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  • Constance Moore
    I loved the book written by his wife; Day before yesterday: the reminiscences of Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. They really seemed to have a great marriage and
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 15, 2013
       I loved the book written by his wife; Day before yesterday: the reminiscences of Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. They really seemed to have a great marriage and were devoted to each other. I also recommend reading letters written by both TR and TR jr.  They are filled with advise, humor and are richly rewarding. I live too far from the National Archives to read the original so my access has been limited to microfilm. If you go online to the Theodore Roosevelt Center --some of these letters are available on line.
      On Jul 15, 2013, at 1:36 PM, A. Edward <aedwardmoch@...> wrote:


      Hello All... I have been researching my butt off trying to put together a published book on my Grandfather, Major General Norman D. "Dutch" Cota Sr. .
      The would be publisher was so impressed by what original facts and materials I have collected over the years, he has asked me to Re-Write it into "Storyboard Format"... for faster book publication and other media use (ie: Website, Video, Film-Screenplay etc).

      Though the main theme focus is on "Dutch", portions of his life did interact with our cousin/family member connections to "The Roosevelt Families", from about World War I and World War II, mostly Theodore Roosevelt's Son, Gen. Theodore Roosevelt Jr.

      I would be grateful to anyone here that can provide me with additional research and feedback facts that can be utilized in this multi-book project. I am trying to obtain "The Wedding List" of both my Grandfater and Grandmother (Married November 1st. 1919). It is very possible that certain Roosevelt Family members did attend, as they were members of the same church in New York City. So I want to be accurate as to when they first met one another... it is possible that TR might have been invited as well?

      With Good Intentions;

      Al Rev. A. Edward Moch D.D.
      (aka: Alfred Cota)

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