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    Since I like to be provocative and march to a different drummer & because human nature does not change, and you will find the majority to be timid, without a
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      Since I like to be provocative and march to a different drummer & because human nature does not change, and you will find the majority to be timid, without a wise and fearless leader I must ask;

      Is the topic of Taft’s rejections of specific TR policies as listed in TR’s autobiography going to be part of the presentation. I believe Bishop also pointed out that Taft approved an investigation into the Panama Canal or the Tennessee stock purchase issue which was something that tarnished TR’s role model image ( I am getting old and heart medication is playing havoc with recall memory so please forgive me for not taking the time to research specifics {but I know Bishop raised serious problems with the Taft Administration’s actions that tended to under mine TR’s veracity and wisdom}).

       The point I am trying to make is that there was more to the run in 1912 than Progressive Principles. There was an element of Taft’s actions being partly a character assassination of TR’s role model persona. People like to pigon hole decisions but in reality decisions usually have many factors the progressive principles were not the full story. Probably a major factor that went into his decision to run in 1912 was a since of duty in the absence of anyone else that knew what the best course should be for the nation (character, honesty of opinion were lacking in the candidates and that does not fall into Progressive Principles {but they were always central to TR motivations and this void was also a factor or so it seems to me}).

       It must have been a terrable burden to carry years later to know if the delegates fairly one in 1912 were seated that: World War One (The Great War) may not have happened or if it did that it would have been prosecuted differently. Do we continue the Henry Cabot Lodge approach and simply say it was a stormy convention or do we state the facts without blinking????????

      See http://www.tramericanpatriot.com/content.php?book_id=10037 and or http://www.tramericanpatriot.com/content.php?book_id=10057Theodore


      Robert J. Kuniegel

      Your post said in part:

      Roosevelt ran for an unprecedented third term as President in 1912, as the candidate of the Progressive (Bull Moose) Party. He lost the election, but he earned the largest third party vote in American history. In this symposium we will try to "place" Roosevelt in the larger context of progressivism and the Progressive Movement. We will also explore Roosevelt's relationship with the various threads of prairie discontentment between 1880 and 1919, including North Dakota's Nonpartisan League.



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      Is anyone planning to attend the TR Symposium on Sept 20-22 at Dickinson St University-- here's the link
      Stan Wien

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