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Cooper's "The Prairie" Valued at TR American Patriot

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    The last book of the Leatherstocking Tales is now up on the web with a description that promotes the value of introducing people to the books TR Read.
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      The last book of the Leatherstocking Tales is now up on the web with a description that promotes the value of introducing people to the books TR Read.


      Description Prairie


      Count that day lost whose low descending sun views at thy hand no worthy action done. 


      If a person cultivates his or her mind by reading books that have characters that strive to over come those self-serving human traits that are contrary to true justice, there is a chance of reaping profits for society through such cultivation. Tr was quoted as saying that he could pass examination on the whole about this 5 book saga by James Fenimore Cooper, The Deerslayer, Last of the Mohicans, Pathfinder, Pioneers & The Prairie. Cooper’s central character portrays the highest principles as a way of life.



      This American can count many a day a loss before I had the good fortune of hearing TR’s lofty patriotic messages on good citizenship from the pages of history.


      TR cultivated his mind by reading about his fictional and real life heroes. He in his turn offered the possibility to empower others to reach for lofty goals of doing true justice, because that was the constant message upon his lips and portrayed in his actions.


       In his day he empowered people like Gifford Pinchot, Jacob Riss and scores of others. Where are the dormant people of vision and humanitarians of today, that can find the power to be heard through the aid of TR’s wisdom? I fear they are watching re-runs of sitcoms or enjoying some other form of relaxation.


      Necessity is the mother of invention. There is a need for wise, honest and fearless statesmen, so where are they? Are they being cultivated with the proper lofty ideals? If necessity is truly the mother of invention and your minds eye wishes to count days as fortunate, you would be lucky to discover TR standing erect in death saying here is the safe course to travel for that which you seek.


      Nathaniel Bumppo through the course of this American Novel Saga answered the call of doing justice to his fellow humans, creatures and environment like no other character from classic literature. His last moment of life is thought-provoking and raises the authors work to a level worthy to count many a low setting sun's days of work on this saga as credit to his life’s accomplishments when he heard the final trumpet call for James Fenimore Cooper.


      ******************** End of  "The Prairie" description


      All of the books on  TR AMERICAN PATRIOT DOT COM  have the following closing monologue that promotes an opportunity for citizen action. TR believed people needed to do more than just talk and have fun after they have provided for their families. He believed people needed to take some sort of action to support our fellow citizens if and when opportunity arose after providing for our families. Our web site offers easy ways to take action to promote a better America.



      Theodore Roosevelt lived his life in a manner that is the only way possible to make government responsive to the people. He has written how to make meaningful reform possible not only for his generation but for future generations, if we read what he has said. We only need to interest others in reading what he has said to transform our government.


      Reading the books on TR AMERICAN PATRIOT DOT COM  and having others do the same, will develop citizens and leaders capable of transforming American politics into a system of government that will be honest, and responsive to “a square deal”. A square deal has no special deals for the rich, the middle class, or the poor. Our government today has degenerated into a system that rewards citizens for not being productive. It promotes entitlements under the guise of helping people, when in fact it only helps politicians to protect their own royal positions. Policies that foster a special privileged class was the type of government policies Theodore Roosevelt fought against and won. He was a visionary. He knew this fight would need to be fought through the ages if we were to keep our country strong. He was an intrepid pioneer that blazed a trail through a jungle of corrupt government, so that others might follow his proven and highly successful common sense approach toward honest government. His fearless course helped make America a beacon of hope to all that seek justice. His endless devotion to America helped make America a super power that no just nation has needed to fear as long as our citizens value his lofty resolute square deal policy toward our fellow citizens and those of other nations.


      Theodore Roosevelt’s greatest gift to this country is before us. It is not in the past, if we as Americans recognize that his message is not just a story from American history pages. His message is an example, clearly defined. It details actions that are required if we desire to do something meaningful for our country. Join the good fight today. You only need to read and interest others to do the same.


      David Boyd, repeating what he had read, once said, “The person we become is because of our experiences in life, the people we meet, and the books we read.” It is time to have others meet Theodore Roosevelt. It is time for a Theodore Roosevelt revival, “Fear God and do your own part”. Dare to help make Theodore Roosevelt the standard and not the exception. America needs to adopt a wise, fearless and honest role model as the standard we revere, so that our public servants know what we expect. The first step to honest government is no harder than setting proper standards of conduct for our public servants through the use of a proper role model. Can you find one quality in Theodore Roosevelt that is not right in a public servant?  If you think you can, I bet your conjecture is based upon something other than truth and honest reasoning and this American would love an opportunity to debate any such conjecture.


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