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Future Directions and Developments of Yahoo Groups

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  • SimonATL
    Kuniegel All members of this group get all messages. Most of our members are incredibly busy with their careers and respective lives. As one of the
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 21, 2011
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      All members of this group get all messages. Most of our members are incredibly busy with their careers and respective lives. As one of the moderators, I'd like to see more contributions by members.

      The emergence of social media such as MySpace, Twitter, Facebook and other sites have changed the entire collaborative computing paradigm. Facebook has emerged as the most popular forum. Facebook now has a group structure for discussions and sharing of information. The Yahoo Group approach to all of this has not really evolved. I think that this is a tragedy. One of the reasons for this lack of development is is that Yahoo hasn't developed a good model to use these groups commercially to make money. Since there is no apparent revenue stream from most Yahoo groups, Yahoo has no incentive to make the Group model any better. While Yahoo has had yahoo.com members in the millions, many times larger than the early Facebook and MySpace days, and these groups have been around more than 15 years, Yahoo just never used their creative resources to take both its Yahoo messenger base or groups to that next level. Yahoo was a full decade ahead of both Facebook and MySpace, but never capitalized on their substantial lead. The services they did provide were no competition for the developing social media outlets and their "improvements" were largely reactive and tepid at best.

      I continue to support this site because of its current members. I am looking at other forums. I am a moderator on the Facebook Theodore Roosevelt Association group site and I think this Yahoo approach just doesn't reach nearly as wide an audience as it should. If you look at the professional associations group, www.linkedin.com you see the same ongoing development in this whole social media thing.

      If anyone has an idea for better forums than Yahoo, I, for one am all ears. Until something better can be identified, we'll use this site.

      I appreciate any relevant contributions by our members. As we approach the next US Presidential election cycle, once again, the example of TR as the fully prepared and fully effective political leader looms large once again.

      Keith Simon
      for the moderators

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      > Fellow list subscribers
      > I am not sure that this list server is operating correctly for me because I have only received a handful of messages in the past year. Is there some area on the web that is showing people talking about TR related information?
      > I have completed the task, which has required my nearly complete attention for the past six months and am now starting to turn my attention back to a higher call to duty promoting TRAmericanPatriot.com. In preparation I am listening to 3 audio books before I start in earnest the task before me. These books are Theodore Roosevelt and His Time volumes 1 & 2 by Bishop & TR's Autobiography. I feel the books are the perfect foundation for a firm understanding of the powerful force for honesty that shook the civilized world toward the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.
      > What chance does a child have that grows up without ever being exposed to well-grounded role models? For the most part a practical thinker would need to conclude that the odds are against that child. Using Socratic reasoning expand that micro reality to a nation. What chance does a nation have where no one of prominence ever takes center stage that has the high ethical standards of Theodore Roosevelt? The answer for a practical thinker needs to be the same. TR said that if ever the day comes that the honest public servant is the exception and not the standard we would be in trouble. Do we shake our heads and complain or do we do something about the problem. TR abhorred people that failed to take action where action was needed.
      > America needs a role model with the highest possible standards. The books that document the amazing life that dared to do what ought to be done have been mostly closed for to many years. Lets take some action and figure out how to get people to start opening these books. The task is monumental if you just look for an end result on a grand scale but the task is very easy if you dare to be an army of one and try to promote a Bishop volume one-book essay contest for 100 new readers.
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