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Re: [tr-m] TR and the West

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  • Vince Liberto
    Mrs. Derby, TR s great-great grand daughter, claims that without TR s experiences in the West (the Dakotas), he would never have been President. He arose out
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 16, 2002
      Mrs. Derby, TR's great-great grand daughter, claims
      that without TR's experiences in the West (the
      Dakotas), he would "never have been President."

      He arose out of the West rekindled and revived. No

      I like to think that his experiences there gave him an
      entirely new lease on life. The hard work and the
      riding, and especially the way he mixed with people
      from a very different background, how could one not be

      He needed such an experience in the wake of the
      tragedies he confronted in losing his mother and wife
      on the same day in the same house.

      I often reflect on this episode. How does one
      encounter such a tragedy and carry on? How does one
      have the leisure to do something of the same? What
      would one do that would give one the strength to carry
      on? Or, as TR did, what would one do to use those
      terrible tragedies, turn those terrible tragedies
      around, and have them become a springboard in which
      those experiences would allow him to better serve
      others, to better serve the public?

      I am sure TR was familiar with the words of
      Shakespeare: "Nothing is good or bad, but thinking
      them so makes them so." Or perhaps he really heard
      Lincoln when he said: "Most people are about as happy
      as they make up their minds to be."

      Go Saints Go!
      Vince Liberto
      New Orleans

      --- Jeremy Johnston <Johnstoe@...> wrote:
      > It has been a while since we had a good debate, so I
      > thought I would
      > start one for the group. By the way I enjoyed the
      > TR energy debate, the
      > only thing I would add is irregardless of where TR
      > gained his tremendous
      > energy we do have to credit him for channeling it
      > into so many
      > productive areas.
      > My question: I was wondering how members of the
      > group would
      > characterize TR's western experiences in the Dakota
      > Badlands? Were they
      > simply romantic interludes in TR's life or were they
      > instrumental in
      > shaping TR's future life and career?
      > I was just reading the Pringle biography and he
      > seems to dismiss TR's
      > western trips as a simple escape, yet other
      > biographers portray TR's
      > experiences in the West as a live changing event
      > (myself being a
      > westerner, this is the direction I lean towards).

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