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  • John A. Gable
    THEODORE REX is reviewed in the current issue of TIME magazine, November 19, 2001; and in the NY TIMES, November 15, 2001, p. E1. Both reviews are quite
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      THEODORE REX is reviewed in the current issue of TIME magazine, November  19, 2001; and in the NY TIMES,  November  15, 2001, p. E1.
      Both reviews are quite positive, though the reviewers do take potshots at Edmund Morris for DUTCH, while pointing out that this new book in no way resembles DUTCH.
             The reviewers clearly are charmed by TR.
             Edmund Morris tells me that he will be on CBS SUNDAY MORNING, Nov. 18, and on TODAY show, Tuesday,  Nov. 20.   Most of the major newspapers will review the book this coming Sunday. The NY TIMES, of course, will review it a second time on either this Sunday or another Sunday.  So far we have seen no negative reviews. He will do a 12-city tour for the book. He is peaking to senior staff at the White House on November 27, the official publication date. This was arranged by TRA member Karl Rove.
                Only someone familiar with the TR administration can fully appreciate the art and skill, the genius of Morris, in THEODORE REX. The book has great forward movement and fast pace.  Morris gives only as much background and context as the reader needs on any event or issue. To do more would be to slow down the book, and this is a "fast" book. Nor does he look much down the road at consequences of events and actions or of policies. That, too, would slow the book down, and would, in addition, ruin the sense of "present time" that Morris carefully constructs.  The reader knows and sees little except what TR saw and knew at the time.  So TR appears to stride through the book, rapidly.   Reviewers are already attributing much of the above qualities in the book to TR himself. But while they suit TR, and are true to TR, it is Edmund who constructs the stage and does all the lighting and sound system stuff.  You would not realize this unless you were familiar with the events and happenings of the Roosevelt administration, as I said.
            THEODORE REX will change the "Rooseveltian world,"  just as his first book did; change it in dozens of ways.
      The reviewers are saying this is the right book for the post 911 US, but of course it was all written before 911; and I happen to think it would hit people just right no matter where we were at.  Why?  Because TR was a "man for all seasons."   Many of his qualities, such as courage, integrity, statesmanship, are always relevant.
               Good reading, all of you !
                     John  A. Gable
                      Executive  Director,
      Theodore Roosevelt  Association
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