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Re: Two Mystery Roosevelts

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  • baby_afrika
    Thank you. That certainly clears things up. BA ... think you have done is to stumble upon some descendents of Jacob Rosevelt, a German immigrant who settled
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 23, 2008
      Thank you. That certainly clears things up.


      --- In tr-m@yahoogroups.com, "Linda E. Milano" <lemilano@...> wrote:
      > I have some "close but no cigar" matches for you. Actually, what I
      think you have done is to stumble upon some descendents of Jacob
      Rosevelt, a German immigrant who settled in upstate New York. He and
      his descendents are no relation to the Roosevelt family, who are
      descended from Claes Martenzen van Rosenvelt. However, over the
      generations, some of Jacob's descendents have added the extra "o" so
      it is also spelled Roosevelt, and are themselves confused as to their
      ancestry (some say, quite innocently, I know I'm related, but I don't
      know how). A number of years ago, the Theodore Roosevelt Association
      published a 3 volume genealogy - 2 volumes of Roosevelts, and one
      volume of Rosevelts. I do need to go to the TRA office about copies
      of that genealogy, and will check the Rosevelts for you.
      > On the other hand - there was a George Washington Roosevelt (a fifth
      cousin once removed from TR), who fought in the Civil War. He was
      actually the first Roosevelt awarded the Medal of Honor, for his
      actions at Gettysburg (where, by the way, TR's mother Mittie lost a
      cousin). He was the son of Soloman Roosevelt and his wife Elizabeth
      Morris. Born September 15, 1844 in New York, Sussex County, Delaware.
      He married Mary Elizabeth Perry there on July 25, 1865 (she was born
      November 26, 1848 and died August 16, 1897). He was appointed to a
      diplomatic post in Belgium and died in Brussels on May 16, 1907. They
      had two children: George Albert Roosevelt (August 22, 1870 -
      September 11, 1887) and Hannah Elizabeth Roosevelt (December 6, 1866 -
      July 17, 1869).
      > Claude M. Roosevelt (October 31, 1888, Coloma, Missouri - March
      1964, Arkansas), son of Charles Henry Roosevelt and his wife Elwysey
      A. Rockhold (also spelled Eloise or Eliza) married Myrtle May Dye (May
      16, 1889 - May 29, 1926) on September 4, 1912 in Chillicothe,
      Missouri. They had one child, Emma Lee Roosevelt, born September 29,
      1913 in Vernon, Oklahoma, who married James Smyth Blaine July 15, 1950
      in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Claude was a fifth cousin twice removed of
      Theodore Roosevelt.
      > Hope this helps,
      > Linda Milano
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      > Subject: [tr-m] Two Mystery Roosevelts
      > I've found various articles about a George W (possibly Walton)
      > Roosevelt, Jr. (abt 1854- 19 Jun 1917) who served in New York's famed
      > 7th Regiment. His father was certainly George, Sr. and his mother was
      > a woman identified in Census data as Mary C. He married the daughter
      > of James C Cumings and had two
      > daughters, one of which was named Constance Cumings Roosevelt. She
      > married Carl Frommel Andrus and had four children:
      > Betsey Rogers, 1919
      > Walton Roosevelt, 1922 (attended Cornell University)
      > Sally Cumings, 1925
      > Carl Whitney, 1932
      > Here he is in uniform:
      > I am unable to find a definitive link to him within the family. I
      > would hazard a guess and say that he could be descended from James and
      > Eliza Walton Roosevelt on the Hyde Park side through their son Walton
      > but I can't be sure. The 1830 Census does point to their being
      > children in Walton Roosevelt's home but I could never be sure as to
      > whether they are his siblings or progeny.
      > The other mystery Roosevelt is Claude L Roosevelt, (26 Jan 1893-Jul
      > 1975). The only identification I've seen as far as his father is
      > concerned points to Isaac L Rosevelt. His mother was Caroline W.
      > Keiner, a German immigrant. He married Madeline E. Sheffield in 1915
      > and they had one daughter, Doris Roosevelt (1916?). He resided in
      > Rochester, New York most of his adult life but was born in Buffalo.
      > If anyone had any information about either of these gentlemen and/or
      > their linage I would be most grateful.
      > BA
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