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Re: [tr-m] Theodore Roosevelt and the Boy Scouts of America

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  • Linda E. Milano
    I m not denying that TR was involved - he was a supporter. BUT the stone seat at the camp in Suffolk County was Ted, Jr. s - often misidentified as TR s.
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      I'm not denying that TR was involved - he was a supporter.  BUT the stone seat at the camp in Suffolk County was Ted, Jr.'s - often misidentified as TR's.
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      Subject: [tr-m] Theodore Roosevelt and the Boy Scouts of America

      Theodore Roosevelt was an ardent booster of the Boy Scouts and key to their success in the the United States almost from day one. Here's a little background on TR's involvement with the Boy Scouts. In 1910, a Chicago businessman, W. D. Boyce returned from England having been much impressed by the Scouting Movement that British Lieutenant-General Robert S.S. Baden-Powell had started in the UK and which had been based on Baden-Powell' s earlier experiences in the Boer War where he had established boy scouting troops to help soldiers in the field with non-combatant duties including campground management and messenger service. As a web site on the cultural history of the Boy Scouts explains, "In September of 1910, Baden-Powell came to America and gave his blessings to the Boy Scouts of America at a dinner held in his honor at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City...By that time, the Boy Scouts of America had begun to draw boys' workers and other civic leaders into the movement, and many of them were in attendance at the dinner or had their commendations read in their absence. Some of the more notable men showing their support that day were: John D. Rockefeller, Theodore Roosevelt and Major General Leonard Wood. With credit from Baden-Powell as the originators of the Boy Scout idea, both Seton and Beard added considerable prestige to the Boy Scouts of America, but not nearly so much as the Honorary President and Vice-President - William Howard Taft and Colonel Theodore Roosevelt, respectively. Their willingness to associate themselves with the Boy Scouts of America was a tremendous boost, and with their addition the movement was, as one writer put it, "well launched." On January 1st, 1911, the Boy Scouts of America established their headquarters in the Fifth Avenue Building in New York City. The National Council, the body established to direct the Boy Scouts of America, held its first meeting in the East Room of the White House on February 14th, and had the honor of an address by President Taft. With that, Boy scouting in America had begun." Source: http://www.boyscout stuff.com/ text.html

      As a former President, Theodore Roosevelt was elected an Honorary
      Vice-President of the Boy Scouts of America. Woodrow Wilson was elected Honorary President. TR was the first and only man designated as the "Chief Scout Citizen." For many years after Theodore Roosevelt's death in 1919, several thousand Scouts and leaders in the New York area made annual pilgrimages to his grave in Oyster Bay. This year Bernard's troop is repeated this historic act of paying tribute to the "Old Lion," and visited TR's gravesite at Youngs Cemetary.

      Here are two quotes that indicate something of TR's attitude towards youth towards the Boy Scouts.

      "If you are going to do anything for the average man, you have to begin before he is a man."

      "More and more I have grown to believe in the Boy Scout movement. I regard it as one of the movements most full of promise for the future here in America. The Boy Scout movement is distinctly an asset to our country for the development of efficiency, virility, and good citizenship. It is essential that its leaders be men of strong, wholesome character; of unmistakable devotion to our country, its customs and ideals, as well as in soul and by law citizens thereof, whose wholehearted loyalty is given to this nation, and to this nation alone."

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