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TR Island Birthday Celebration

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  • G Rollins
    Dear Friends, If you expect to be in Washington, DC on Saturday, October 18, please join us at TR Island for a special National Parks Service celebration
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      Dear Friends,


      If you expect to be in Washington , DC on Saturday, October 18, please join us at TR Island for a special National Parks Service cele br ation honoring the 150th anniversary of TR’s birth. This event is free and open to the public. The Capital Area Chapter of the TRA will have a booth and assist with the cele br ation. See the press release below.


      Gena Rollins




      President, Capital Area Chapter TRA




      From: David_Lassman@... [mailto:David_Lassman@...]
      Subject: TR 150th Birthday at Theodore Roosevelt Island Press Release




      Contact: Park Ranger David Lassman at 703-289-2555 or 703-289-2500



      Saturday, October 18, 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

      Theodore Roosevelt Island

      George Washington Memorial Parkway


      Cele br ate the 150th birthday of Theodore Roosevelt on Saturday, October 18th, from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm, at Theodore Roosevelt Island, a memorial to our 26th President. Enjoy an array of activities hosted by the National Park Service, including a photographic exhibition of Theodore Roosevelt Island, interpretive Ranger talks, games, special guest appearances, birthday cake, and much more! It will be both a party and a fair! All activities are free to the public and appropriate for all ages.


      At 10:00 am, Roger Di Silvestro will speak of Theodore Roosevelt’s legacy and his values on conservation, especially in relation to the American West. Mr. Di Silvestro noted that Theodore Roosevelt, “…was born in 1858, so he would have seen the demise of bison, elk, pronghorn. He cared about wildlife from the beginning, and became the right man at the right hour of need because of his connection to the outdoors and wildlife.” Mr. Di Silvestro is the senior editor for National Wildlife magazine, the flagship publication of the National Wildlife Federation. He is the author of eight books including the recent In the Shadow of Wounded Knee : The Untold Final Chapter of the Indian Wars.


      Throughout the day the extraordinary Joe Wiegand will br ing the 26th President to life. You might hear stories of Roosevelt ’s adventures as a rancher in the Badlands of North Dakota and his courageous fighting as a Rough Rider during the Spanish-American War. Joe will likely recount an anecdote about Theodore Roosevelt’s Presidency, while being a father of six wild and joyful children. Joe may also reminisce of the beautiful American landscape that inspired Roosevelt to create countless National Parks, Forests, Monuments, and Wildlife Preserves. Joe Wiegand is not to be missed!


      In addition to his support of the National Park Service, President Theodore Roosevelt created the National Forest Service in 1905, an agency that now includes 155 National Forests and 20 National Grasslands. As one of Theodore Roosevelt’s biggest fans and an international icon for all nature lovers, Smokey Bear has volunteered to stop by and join in the cele br ation!


      In tribute to the life and achievements of Theodore Roosevelt, the memorial island has witnessed many unique moments in history. During the Civil War, the island served as a training camp for the 1st United States Colored Troops, the first African American regiment formally mustered into federal service. To commemorate this aspect of the island’s history, Charles (Ben) Hawley will portray a sergeant from the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment.


      Theodore Roosevelt always had a passion for natural history, especially that of bird watching. He is believed to be one of the last humans to ever see a living passenger pigeon before their extinction. To share this passion, the Raptor Conservancy of Virginia will be on the island with birds of prey to discuss how we can help preserve these wonderful animals.


      Theodore Roosevelt Island is located between Key and Memorial Bridges and is accessible by traveling west on the George Washington Memorial Parkway . The island is also accessible via the Rosslyn Metro Station, walking toward Key Bridge and following the trail to the island. The public is encouraged to take the Metro, since parking maybe limited. For information or detailed directions, please call 703-289-2500.


      Special thanks to the Theodore Roosevelt Association, which has supported the National Park Service in perpetuating the memory of Theodore Roosevelt for eight decades, and to the Capital Area Chapter of the Theodore Roosevelt Association, which has helped run the birthday partys at Theodore Roosevelt Island for the last several years.


      Additional information for participating organizations can be found at:

      ·         George Washington Memorial Parkway at www.nps.gov/gwmp.

      ·         Theodore Roosevelt Island at www.nps.gov/this.

      ·         Joe Weigand at www.teddyrooseveltshow.com.

      ·         The 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment at www.54thmass.org.

      ·         The Raptor Conservancy of Virginia at www.raptorsva.org.

      ·         The Theodore Roosevelt Association at www.theodoreroosevelt.org.

      ·         The Capital Area Chapter of the Theodore Roosevelt Association at www.capitalareatra.org.

      ·         Smokey Bear at www.symbols.gov/smokey/index.shtml.

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