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logistical problem: getting to fireman's field, oyster bay, from 495

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  • garypapush
    Although I m all for the TR Museum/Research Center, I ve got to say that I m skeptical Fireman s Field is the best location from a traffic point of view. To
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      Although I'm all for the TR Museum/Research Center, I've got to say
      that I'm skeptical Fireman's Field is the best location from a traffic
      point of view. To get there, one goes north on 106 from 495. Up until
      Route 25-A (less than 20% of the route to travel on 106), this is a
      four-lane road. But almost immediately thereafter, in lower East
      Norwich, the road slims down to two lanes, and is already very crowded
      these days. There's another three or so miles to drive on two lanes
      before getting into the heart of downtown Oyster Bay, which is also
      quite congested these days (pre-museum), and making a left onto Audrey
      Avenue (two lanes also) to head towards TR Park and Fireman's Field.

      For the last several years, the NPS signage to Sagamore Hill from 495
      has purposely (at the request of the hamlet, I believe) directed
      traffic in a circuitous route to Sagamore that avoids downtown Oyster
      Bay. Cars take a right on 25-A-East, just at the southernmost point of
      East Norwich, and then turn north in due course, and approach Sagamore
      from the opposite angle than they would otherwise. Thus they avoid the
      busy downtown and also the sometimes dense (depending on the hour)
      traffic at Oyster Bay High School. If Sagamore Hill traffic has been
      an issue in the past, then also bear in mind that Sagamore only
      attracts about 50,000 visitors (many of them schoolchildren in buses)
      per year. The proposed museum is supposed to attract at least double
      that number, perhaps more.

      I also don't agree with the sentiment, voiced in one or both of those
      articles I just circulated, that the museum could/should be located up
      in Cove Neck nearby to Sagamore. You've got another narrow strip of
      two-lane road (Cove Neck Road) running up the neck. Plus the rich
      folks who live on the neck would - I guarantee you - instantly become
      a formidable and very well-funded lobby against any such idea.

      I like the suggestion of Museum Row/Curtis Field. This is not far from
      Oyster Bay. It has easy highway access, parking, restaurants, nearby
      hotels, etc. That makes sense to me. The nearest descent hotel/motel
      to Oyster Bay is the East Norwich Inn (clean and modern but no
      restaurant or room-service) at the intersection of 106 and 25-A. Save
      for the East Norwich Inn, you have to head back to 495 for
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