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Theodore Roosevelt Collections at The Library of Congress & Harvard University

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  • simonatl
    Re the locations of Theodore Roosevelt s papers. TR s papers and manuscripts are located at two main locations in addition to a limited number of items that
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      Re the locations of  Theodore Roosevelt's papers.  TR's papers and manuscripts are located at two main locations in addition to a limited number of items that have been sent to the Theodore Roosevelt Association (TRA) and in the hands of private collectors.  The US Library of Congress,  by far, has the largest collection including 45,000 feet of film. The smaller collection is at Harvard University, donated by the TRA in 1943 when that organization was known as the Roosevelt Memorial Association (RMA):
      The Library of Congress has the following introductory info at their web site on their Theodore Roosvelt Papers:
      American Memory Theodore Roosevelt Papers at the Library of Congress

      Manuscript Division, Library of Congress

      The Theodore Roosevelt Papers from the Manuscript Division of the Library of Congress constitute one of the Library's largest Presidential collections, numbering approximately 250,000 items. The collection includes diaries, letter books, general and special correspondence, speeches, executive orders, press releases, scrap books, and other papers dating from 1759 through 1919. Plans for the future digitization of this collection are still being made.

      Source:  http://lcweb2.loc.gov/ammem/trhtml/trhome.html


      Harvard University has the following introductory info on their collection at their web site:

      Harvard University's Theodore Roosevelt Collection

      Theodore Roosevelt Collection Bookplate


      The Theodore Roosevelt Collection, housed in Harvard's Houghton and Widener libraries, is a major resource for study of the life and times of the 26th president of the United States. The collection originated as a research library opened in New York City by the Roosevelt Memorial Association in 1923. It was presented by that organization (known since 1956 as the Theodore Roosevelt Association) to Harvard University, Roosevelt's alma mater, in 1943. The collection includes manuscripts, archival resources, printed works, pictures, and ephemera relating to both his personal and professional life


      Personal papers (25,000 items) include TR's childhood and travel diaries; juvenilia; personal prepresidential scrapbooks; speech, article, and book drafts; and letters, chiefly to his family: parents, sisters Anna Cowles and Corinne Robinson, wives Alice and Edith, and children, notably his son Kermit and daughter Ethel. Additional Roosevelt family correspondence and diaries are found in the papers of both sisters, TR's wife Edith, daughter Ethel Derby, and son Archibald. (The collection also includes papers of Progressive editor Edwin Van Valkenburg and labor economist Charles Patrick Neill.)

      The Harvard collection complements the Theodore Roosevelt Papers at the Library of Congress, which has the TR presidential collection (letterpress copies of outgoing mail and incoming mail—largely official and presidential or postpresidential, presidential scrapbooks and appointment diaries, and diaries for 1878–1884, all available on microfilm at Harvard); papers of TR's children Alice Longworth, Theodore, Jr., and Kermit, and additional papers of Archibald; also some early Roosevelt materials. Papers of TR's brother Elliott are at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library at Hyde Park, N.Y.

      Source: http://hcl.harvard.edu/libraries/houghton/collections/roosevelt.html#overview

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