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RE: [tr-m] TR's Great Mistakes

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  • Henry Hendrix
    Having just completed my doctoral dissertation on topics related to TR s diplomacy, with one chapter dedicated to his role in the negotiations of the Russo
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      Having just completed my doctoral dissertation on topics related to TR's
      diplomacy, with one chapter dedicated to his role in the negotiations of the
      Russo Japanese Peace Treaty, I can say that this is the first that I have
      heard of this theory. The facts don't bear it out well as the Japanese
      economy was very stressed, very little cash reserves which is one of the
      reasons the Japanese held out for so long in hopes of getting war
      reparations from the Russians. TR and some of his contacts did go to great
      efforts to line up loans for the Russians to pay reparations, but the
      Russians did not bend on this matter,
      Henry Hendrix
      Commander, USN
      CO Tacron 11

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      >Hello TR aficionados,
      >Here's a little bit of unknown, likely but
      >still-to-be-more-fully-confirmed TR history:
      >During the Russo-Japanese War, Japan had raised enormous war-chest funds
      >on the New York market. When peace was concluded in September, 1905,
      >$22 million remained to Japanese account in New York.
      >This money was to be removed by Japan, for reinvestment in the Paris
      >market, to open that market for Japanese financial needs, a market which
      >had formerly been open only to Russian financial interests.
      >This enormous amount of money removed from the New York market would
      >have jeopardized market stability. So, a cover-story was developed.
      >This would have required TR's consent
      >See, for references: http://rms-republic.com/details_expnimp3.html.
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      >Subject: [tr-m] TR's Great Mistakes
      >Hello, everyone!
      >I have to think the personal and political mistakes were one and the
      >same: TR's statement immediately following the 1904 election that he
      >would not be a candidate in 1908. Think of the impact: TR became, in
      >many ways, a lame duck President, hostage to a ticking clock; this
      >opened the door to Taft, which in turn led to a return of a less than
      >progressive Republican party (which echoes down to this day); Taft in
      >turn led to the 1912 election and TR's bitter split with the party;
      >that in turn had a significant impact on the way TR was viewed by many
      >Americans AND to the election of Wilson (BOO!!! HISS!!! a racist
      >reactionary in the guise of a progressive); which in turn led to a
      >period of TR's railing against the powers-that-be, and his becoming a
      >rather shrill and frustrated (though very accurate) critic of the
      >Nation's drifting self-image and ideals; this in turn led to a fairly
      >dark period in TR'slife, when he knew he had lost favor with the
      >American public. And, who knows, that may have contributed to his
      >physical decline and eath (HEY!! go with me on this!!!)
      >I do think, though, that TR's personality and message were
      >strong enough that, had he lived, he would have been the Republican
      >nominee and very likely re-elected to the Presidency in 1920. And THEN
      >think of what might the US foreign and domestic policies have been!
      >"For want of a nail, the shoe was lost..."

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