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Why the lack of "TR Centennial" coverage by the MSM?

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  • gardunne63
    Will the MSM wait until 08 or 09 to begin discussing/highlighting TR s merits as president even though we have already passed the centennial mark on such
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2006
      Will the MSM wait until '08 or '09 to begin discussing/highlighting
      TR's merits as president even though we have already passed the
      centennial mark on such highwater events in his presidency as the
      Treaty of Portsmouth?

      Why no in-depth articles on TR's presidency by the NY Times or Time
      Magazine? Does his military career and gung-ho Americanism scare off
      many of today's MSM editors/writers? TR is embraced/quoted today
      by politicians of all stripes and colors, albeit by the cherry
      picker approach to his wide-ranging beliefs and background.
      However, our MSM seem to have the opposite reaction to him. When he
      is mentioned in the NY Times or any other newspaper, he's usually
      referred to as "Teddy" (which immediately tells me that the
      writer/editors have very little knowledge of TR).

      Our only NYC-born president seems to have flown beneath the radar of
      such great NY institutions as the Museum of the City of NY, the NY
      Historical Society, etc. Five years into his centennial presidency
      and no NYC museum has thought to stage a TR exhibit yet? Not even
      the Museum of Natural History? For shame.

      Has pacifism run amouk so rampantly in the halls of the NY/DC board
      rooms and in the living rooms of the Upper West or East Sides of NY
      that one of our greatest presidents will not be celebrated (or even
      debated) 100 years later?

      A concerned Tedhead
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