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Re: [tr-m] John Gable/Answers to questions

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  • Harry Lembeck
    Thanks, Ed. Harry lembeck
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 21, 2005
      Thanks, Ed.

      Harry lembeck
      On Feb 21, 2005, at 8:25 AM, Edward J. Renehan Jr. wrote:

      > I've gotten a lot of individual, offline questions
      > from various members of the listserv, and thought I'd
      > answer everyone at once.
      > re: details of John's sickness
      > John was diagnosed with inoperable cancer of the
      > lungs, liver and lumbar just after Christmas. He
      > underwent a round of radiation therapy at Glen Cove
      > Hospital (appropriately enough, founded by Dr. Dick
      > Derby, TR's son-inlaw). The radiation bucked him up
      > quite a bit and concluded
      > on January 18th. I visited him for lunch that day and
      > he seemed in good spirits, though very thin and very
      > weak. Intellectually, he was 167% there. A week or so
      > later he began outpatient
      > chemotherpay at Glen Cove Hospital. He was
      > hospitalized for a week in there
      > somewhere for various complications which deleayed
      > further chemo, and then was home.
      > He telephoned me one
      > week ago today, Monday the 14th, on some TRA busness
      > and we spoke for
      > about five minutes; he sounded very weak and had just
      > concluded his second chemo treatment.
      > Later in the
      > week, he began developing symptoms of pneumonia, which
      > sometimes can be a side-effect of the chemo. He was at
      > his house having trouble breathing on the morning of
      > Friday, the 18th, went into the hospital, and expired
      > that evening.
      > He was informed several days before his
      > death that he'd been voted to receive the TR
      > Distinguished Service Medal. Also, when I saw him on
      > the 18th of January, I delivered a hastily compiled
      > book of tributes from more than two dozen leading
      > historians, writers, and Roosevelt family members -
      > John's colleagues - including Arthur
      > Schlesinger Jr., Edmund & Sylvia Morris, James
      > MacGregor Burns, etc., etc.
      > These tributes will form the core of a special
      > commemorative issue of the TRA JOURNAL dedicated to
      > John that we are assembling right now. I am quite
      > certain that the TRA will be looking at some other
      > more substantial, abiding tribute and memorial John
      > once the dust settles and we can all think clearly.
      > God bless,
      > Ed Renehan
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