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850Re: [tr-m] TR's voice

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  • TRA
    May 4, 2004
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      Don't forget that recording methods were quite different at the time, also.
      They did not bring recording equipment to actual, live speeches. To make a
      recording, you had to go to them and speak into a microphone. So the
      dynamism of TR's speeches was lost because of the lack of live audience, and
      also from the lack of visuals - he was a very "visual" speaker, using motion
      as much as voice to get his point across. The recording techniques of the
      day must have felt very limiting to him.

      Best wishes from Oyster Bay,

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      > I've heard several of TR's speeches. I know the quality of the
      > recordings some 100 years afer these speeches does not gel with my
      > modern, lazy ears. However, to these ears, TR just doesn't come off
      > as the charismatic, dynamic speaker that I've always read about.
      > Perhaps the hands of time have slowed his rapid-fire delivery and
      > falsetto squeeks. Has anyone else felt disappointed after hearing
      > one of his recorded speeches?
      > But I am a TR fan that thinks he was sexy, even by modern standards.
      > Julie
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