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  • John A. Gable
    Apr 2, 2004
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      While Scot Joplin composed "The Strenuous Life Rag" in honor of TR, and
      while Alice once convinced the band at the White House to play some Joplin,
      as far as I know TR was not a fan of ragtime music.
      I know of no collection of theatre programs assembled by Edith Roosevelt.
      John Gable
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      > > Edith Roosevelt loved music, classical and also more modern music.
      > She had > famous concerts in the White House, and of course TR
      > attended these. But seldom said much, or expressed opinions. This
      > was his wife's thing, not his. TR had difficulty telling one tune
      > from another. And yet he could identify bird songs easily. This
      > does not compute, but there it is. He liked marches and military
      > tunes. He did hum to himself. But he was certainly not musical.
      > He loved painting and sculpture, literature, poetry, but music was
      > not his > thing.
      > >
      > TR was a fan of ragtime, wasn't he?
      > "Onward Christian Soldiers" or "How Firm a Foundation" would be my
      > guess as to TR's favorite hymn.
      > Speaking of Edith, where is her vast collection of theatre
      > programs/playbills archived? Is it in a private collection of one
      > of the grandchildren or great-grandchildren? I believe she started
      > attending plays in the 1870's and was an avid theatregoer through
      > the 30's. I am a theatre history nut and can't imagine the number of
      > programs she might have left to one of the children or
      > grandchildren.
      > Thanks, Julie
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