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838Re: [tr-m] TR and Music

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  • John A. Gable
    Apr 1 8:05 AM
      TR liked to sing hymns in church. He had favorite hymns and knew many by
      heart. Yes, as Vince surmised, TR sang very loudly in church, but he didn't
      carry a tune very well. Does anyone out there know what TR's favorite hymn
      was ? We sing in it in Christ Church, Oyster Bay on the Sunday nearest his
      birthday every year.
      Edith Roosevelt loved music, classical and also more modern music. She had
      famous concerts in the White House, and of course TR attended these. But
      seldom said much, or expressed opinions. This was his wife's thing, not his.
      TR had difficulty telling one tune from another. And yet he could identify
      bird songs easily. This does not compute, but there it is. He liked marches
      and military tunes. He did hum to himself. But he was certainly not musical.
      He loved painting and sculpture, literature, poetry, but music was not his
      John Gable
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      From: "Vince Liberto" <v_liberto@...>
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      > John,
      > It always struck a chord (sic) with me as well,
      > how he could not dance. He hopped. I heard he was
      > tone deaf. It's as if all his talent went into
      > other areas and left his musical prowess a great
      > void. Not a bad trade-off, though. The TR I know
      > probably would have gloried in his inability to
      > dance or to pick up a tone. At religious services
      > he probably sang louder than anyone anyway. He
      > always knew how to call attention to himself.
      > Vince
      > New Orleans
      > --- JJWILLSBR@... wrote:
      > > I have always been perplexed by the fact that
      > > music apparently played such an
      > > insignificant role in the life of such a
      > > bookish, true "renaissance man" like
      > > TR. Other than a small section in Wagenknecht's
      > > wonderful book, "The Seven
      > > Worlds of Theodore Roosevelt," I find precious
      > > little mention of his interest
      > > in, or appreciation of, music in any of the TR
      > > biographies, or even in his own
      > > writings, letters or autobiography.
      > > Have I overlooked something? Does anyone else
      > > find this inadvertence strange?
      > >
      > > John E Willson
      > >
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