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790Re: [tr-m] TR's Pets

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  • TRA
    Feb 6, 2004
      to add to the list:

      blue macaw named Eli Yale

      raccoon named Allen

      two ponies - Algonquin and General Grant (named for the pony TR & his
      siblings had as children)

      gray kitten named Tom Quartz (named for a cat in a Mark Twain story; Quentin
      got into trouble for putting Tom Quartz in the bathtub and turning on the

      Josiah the badger. Archie thought he was a great pet - he only bit your
      hands & feet & never went for your face. Archie fed him potatoes & milk.
      TR thought Josiah hissed like a tea-kettle & looked like a mattress with

      Alice's pet snake Emily Spinach - green like spinach & thin like Aunt
      Emily - she carried the snake in her purse.

      There were other snakes, hamsters, guinea pigs, etc.

      There was a pack of mixed-breed dogs at Sagamore Hill - they lived outdoors
      and the kids referred to them as the "Heinz Pickle Dogs" - after Heinz 57

      Best wishes from Oyster Bay,

      Linda E. Milano
      Assistant Director (516) 921-6319
      Theodore Roosevelt Association Fax: (516) 921-6481
      P.O. Box 719 E-Mail: TRA_Milano@...
      Oyster Bay, NY 11771-0719 web: www.theodoreroosevelt.org

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      > My nephew (8 yrs. old) picked TR's name out of a hat to do a school
      > report for Presidents Day. One of the questions asked for the kind and
      > names of TR's pets. Can anyone tell me where we might be able to find
      > this information? If you have this information, please pass it along.
      > My sister told my nephew that I knew a lot about such things, so I
      > have to produce! Thanks.
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