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729RE: [tr-m] Sagamore Hill and TR Birthplace visits

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  • Tim Glas
    Jan 4, 2004

      I'm glad to hear the trip went well; the staff (and our oustanding corps
      of volunteers) when I was there was enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and
      dedicated. Glad to see it's keeping up.

      If I recall correctly, the main reason for not decorating was a lack of
      photographs or other accounts of Sagamore Hill during the holidays.
      Hence, d├ęcor could be approximated, guessed at, or representative of the
      time, but without any means of verifying the accuracy of the same. That
      said, Sagamore Hill on 4 July is a site to behold. :)


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      Subject: [tr-m] Sagamore Hill and TR Birthplace visits

      On 12-21-03, my wife, parents, and I had the pleasure of visiting
      Sagamore Hill. Both of the young ladies we came in contact with who
      were working that day - one at the visitor's center and one in the
      house - were great! I wish I could remember their names (one I
      believe was Julie), but the in-house tour guide was exceptional in
      her knowledge of TR, his family, and the house. She answered all of
      our questions and read all of the books on the family. Impressive! Then
      on 12-23-03, other family members and I journeyed to the
      Theodore Roosevelt birthplace in Manhattan. Rudy (I believe) gave us
      our tour there and, like his counterparts at Sagamore Hill, did a
      fantastic job.
      Anyone on this list who has yet to visit either place, get to it!
      Thanks to anyone involved in making both landmarks incredibly
      enjoyable daytrips.
      One question I never thought to ask earlier: with our visits so close
      to Christmas, I was wondering why there was so little holiday decor.
      I remember that at Sagamore there was a Nast Santa picture in one of
      the upstairs rooms. But were Christmas decorations not big at that
      time period in America? Or might it be too potentially damaging to
      everything in the houses to decorate and undecorate every year? Just
      a question (or two).
      Jack Lechelt
      Columbia, SC

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