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689Re: [tr-m] TR Study Group

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  • Tim.Glas@Speakeasy.net
    Oct 1, 2003
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      Yes, "Fear God, and Take your own Part" is a book by TR that is composed of essays on the US responsibility to act in WWI. It's fascinatingly relevant.

      My apologies for not specifying.

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      > > Maybe we should pick one book a month, with a moderator, & anyone who
      > > wants to can join the discussion here. This way, one could either
      > > read the book or not, either way benefitting from the discussion.
      > That sounds good to me -- I'm not sure I would be able to keep up with one a
      > month but it would be a good goal to aim for and, like you said, even if I weren't
      > able to, I would benefit from the discussion amongst those that do. I predict I
      > would get bogged down with all the names and far-reaching geneolgies (sp), trying
      > to form a picture in my mind of who is related to who and by what relation each
      > one mentioned is related to all the others.
      > The thing about Fear God and Take Your Responsibility -- is that a book that TR
      > wrote? I know, I know, I need to visit the web site more than once a year. :-)
      > I really enjoyed the recent information about TR's "library" that was donated to
      > Harvard (if I recall that fact correctly).
      > Sherry
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