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623A ROOSEVELTIAN WEEKENDRe: [tr-m] He is everywhere thread

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  • Vince Liberto
    Aug 4, 2003
      This past weekend was incredible for me and my
      I did some business with The Fairmont Hotel in
      New Orleans; for years it was called the
      Roosevelt Hotel in honor of TR, because the first
      owner had met TR while he was down here
      campaigning and trying to pick up sugar cane
      farmer votes. Anyway, I was given a complimentary
      suite to entertain some of our business
      associates, and as fate would have it, the name
      of the suite given to me was "THE ROOSEVELT
      SUITE". I could have just as easily had the
      "DIXIE" or the "MAGNOLIA", but I got "Roosevelt".
      I was pleased. Maybe it was a joke because I had
      spoken to a few folks about getting the hotel
      back to its original name or maybe at least
      calling it the "FAIRMONT-ROOSEVELT HOTEL".
      Also, The Fairmont in New Orleans was the first
      place a woman was able to order a cocktail, and
      the birthplace of the sazerac drink.
      I must add, I had two sazeracs after two glasses
      of champagne in the Roosevelt suite, and I'm
      still suffering. What was I thinking? I was just
      caught up in all the revelry of my special
      reception for a few of our greatest business
      associates in MY "Roosevelt Suite".
      Great fun,
      Vince Liberto
      New Orleans
      P.S. I might get them to put a photo of TR in
      --- Tweed Roosevelt <tweed@...> wrote:
      > The following is a contuniation of the "He is
      > everywhere" thread:
      > In the 2002 annual report of the town of
      > Tisbury, Massachusetts (Martha's
      > Vineyard), one of the section starts with the
      > "Man in the Arena" quote and
      > continues: "This quotation from a speech by
      > President Theodore Roosevelt
      > was the basis for the idea that Selectmen
      > having served the Town should be
      > honored and remembered. Thus, in 1996 the
      > concept was born to honor former
      > Selectmen with the dedication of a Governor
      > Carver Chair, bearing the
      > Selectman's name and years of service on a
      > bronze plaque, to be placed in
      > the Katharine Cornell Memorial Theatre in the
      > Tisbury Town Hall."

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