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419Re: [tr-m] Fw: Newsletter - Member Edition

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  • Michael Cawelti
    Dec 30, 2002
      I find this article is, even to an ametuer student of TR, an offensive
      revision of history through non contextual quotes.

      To me, the worst apprasial of history, is in the taking facts out of context
      and judging older times through modern prejudices and mores. While he made
      such statements as these, he also was the first President to invite a black
      man to the White House. Dispite detrimental comments on some black
      cavalrymen in Cuba, he also was an admirer of the 9th and 10th cavelry. His
      views on race were quite progressive for his time.

      I know TR was not a perfect man, but there is hardly a better role model
      for current politicians than TR.

      This article is sensational "clap-trap". Sorry, it got my dander up!

      I am sure there are many in the group who can better answer this editorial
      than I, and I would like to hear of any letters to the editor of the
      Sun-Times which get sent.

      Michael Cawelti

      KDalt@... wrote:

      > I don't know if TRA members want to reply to this anti-TR editorial:
      > http://www.suntimes.com/output/roeser/cst-edt-roes21.html
      > Kathleen Dalton
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