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344Re: [tr-m] Jeffers' book on Ted Jr.

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  • andreas gauf
    Sep 7, 2002
      Dear all,

      I would like to come back to a question by John Gable
      (a few months ago) regarding comments to the book by
      H. Paul Jeffers "Theodore Roosevelt Jr., Life of a war

      I recently finished reading this book. I enjoyed the
      book regarding TR Jr.'s time as governor of Puerto
      Rico and the Phillipines and World War I & II because
      I didn't know much about his life during these periods
      (except what Ed Renehan and Sylvia Morris wrote in
      their books). What I did not like about Jeffers' book
      are a few errors he put in, which could have been
      avoided by better research: For example, he wrote a
      few times (like on page 28) that TR (the president)
      said that he feels "as fit as a bull moose" in 1898!
      As far as I know this expression was coined only in
      1912 when a mad man tried to kill TR in Milwaukee.
      He also writes twice that "The Roosevelt family of
      Sagamore Hill" was written by Mr. Harbaugh (pages 16
      and 30). We all know that Hermann Hagedorn wrote this
      great book!
      It is amazing how many qualities of TR we can find in
      his oldest son! Jeffers book is a good read, but from
      my point of view not the great narrative as we know it
      from Edmund Morris or David McCullough!



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