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2557RE: [tr-m] Question about TR at the AMNH [1 Attachment]

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  • Linda E. Milano
    Apr 27 6:55 PM

      Hi, Alec!


      I was a volunteer tour guide at the American Musuem of Natural History for over 12 years, and remember the display case.  Not all of them were his, per se.  The police hat was a typical one that the rank and file police wore.


      The late John Gable, PhD, wrote a booklet about TR and the Museum.  I'll see if I can scrounge up copy of the text for you.


      Probably the best place for you to make contact with at the musuem would be the Department of Education.  They keep track of stuff like that.


      Hope this helps,


      Linda Milano


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      Dear TR Enthusiasts,


      This might be an odd question, but does anyone here have photos they might be willing to share of the old display cases with all of Teddy Roosevelt's hats that used to be in the Natural History Museum in NYC before the recent renovation? I've attached an image I found on Flickr so people will know what I'm talking about.

      Here's the back story -- I'm a PhD student in American literature, and I saw these hats in the museum a couple of years ago and realized I needed photos of them. When I went back with a friend and his fancy camera, the TR Memorial Hall had just closed for renovations, and when we checked again right after the new version opened -- no hats.


      I've been trying to get in touch with the folks at the AMNH archives and emailing any lead I've found on the internet, and so far I've managed to scrounge up decent images of all but the hat that was in the top left corner above the Rough Riders hat. I can't even tell what era of his life it's supposed to refer to. NYC/Albany politics? VP? If anyone even reconizes the photo below it in the image I've attached, that would be a great help I would hugely appreciate.

      OK, sorry to bother, and sorry if this all sounds kind of kooky. Thanks so much for even reading this message!

      Alec Magnet

      Doctoral Candidate in English, The CUNY Graduate Center

      Adjunct Lecturer of English, The City College of New York

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