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  • kuniegel@verizon.net
    Aug 8, 2012
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      Selflessness was one of TR’s character traits and which no doubt played a major part in his vision for posterity. I pick about 300 pounds of blueberries a year on a farm and greatly enjoy the old timer who owns the farm. His workers, asks everyone that goes into the field to pick all the berries of each bush before moving to the next. But 90% of the people will go from bush to bush just picking select berries which causes a great deal of waste among other problems for the farmer. Talking to him about this one day on a rainy day at the farm he said that the main problem is that people are a lot more selfish today and only think about what they want and do not worry about the next guy.
      I was thinking the same exact thing. If this is the trend which the farmer seems to confirm the ending of the Elkhor Ranch story bodes ill for saving the Ranch. Who will be willing to put their self interest on the line to try and save something for people that they have never meet? If I ever get the essay contest part of my web site going it will be possible to introduce a few of the younger generation to a person of selflessness and vision & just maybe this character trait may find fertile ground in a few leaders of the future.
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      Interesting story on "Morning Edition" today.

      Roosevelt's Badlands Ranch Faces Potential Threat




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