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2507RE: [tr-m] TR and the Vanderbilts

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  • Linda E. Milano
    Jul 13, 2012
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      I actually met Flora a few years before her death.  Lovely, lovely woman.  She lived with her daughter Pamela Tower LeBoutillier and her family at the family home, The Studio.  It was a gift to Flora's mother from her father as a place for her to paint.  Pamela's son, John LeBoutillier, is a conservative pundit active today.


      There was a book on the Whitney women you might find interesting.  Misplaced my copy, or I'd give you more specifics.  I'll look for it.  It dealt mainly with their involvement with the Whitney Museum.  It was called something exotic, like "The Whitney Women."


      There is also The Lion's Pride by Ed Renehan.


      TR originally classed all the Vanderbilts in the "malefactors of great wealth" category, but he called on Flora's mother, Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, and was pleasantly surprised.  Flora was the daughter of Gertrude Vanderbilt and Harry Payne Whitney.  Flora stayed in touch with the Roosevelt family long after Quentin's death. 


      There were a whole series of photos of Quentin and Flora taken at Sagamore Hill.  The bench they were sitting upon for the pictures is still there.


      There is more, but it's late and I'm tired and have had a stressful week.    As I think of more, I'll let you know.



      Linda Milano


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      I'm now working on Book #2 to be called "Quentin and Flora." Flora Payne Whitney, Quentin's fiancee, was a Vanderbilt, great-great-grandaughter of the Commodore and granddaughter of CV II. I want to explore the relationship between the Roosevelts and Vanderbilts but information appears to be scarce. Were they the Montagues and the Capulets or something else? Any guidance for me?

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