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2505Re: [tr-m] Question about TR and Choctawhatchee National Forest

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  • kuniegel@verizon.net
    Jun 21, 2012
      Wilderness Warrior by Douglas Brinkley would be a good first stop if you have not read it. I am sure you will get some other suggestions from others that are more knowledgably.
      Bob K.
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      Sent: Wednesday, June 20, 2012 11:49 AM
      Subject: [tr-m] Question about TR and Choctawhatchee National Forest


      I'm new to the group and hope that my question is appropriate for this forum. I'm a PhD student in history at UNC Chapel Hill, and seek to learn more about Pres. Roosevelt's establishment of the Choctawhatchee National Forest in the Florida panhandle on Nov. 27, 1908.
      Some of my key questions: What were TR's specific motivations/reasons for creating this particular national forest; what specific people and interests advocated for this national forest, and possibly who argued against it; and what were their arguments for and against its creation.
      I have begun to explore electronically some of the TR resources, but I am eager for any suggestions on researching these questions. For example, might I find primary materials such as letters or memos in which TR discussed his thinking about this national forest, and written documents sent to his administration in support of or opposing this forest?
      Many, many thanks for any advice!
      Rob Shapard
      UNC Chapel Hill

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