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2494Re: TR and Gay Marriage?

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  • nmattausch
    Jun 9, 2012
      Innocent question, expertly moderated.

      Food fight avoided.


      --- In tr-m@yahoogroups.com, Jim Wiedman <jim@...> wrote:
      > No one really knows what TR (or any other historical figure) would
      > about anything coming up in 2012. It is fun to imagine TR and how he
      > respond to issues today, but I find opinions on these questions are
      > suspiciously close to the responders' own views. For that reason we
      > discouraged discussions about current events because they quickly move
      > topic and frequently become food fights.
      > Jim
      > On Thursday, May 31, 2012, jonbrodo17 wrote:
      > > does anyone know what TR's stance on gay marriage would be?
      > > the current political climate, I have a lot of friends that ask me
      > > former presidents and their opinions. I would think TR would be
      against it
      > > because he seemed to be conservative in his home/family life, but
      would his
      > > progressive political stances outweigh his personal belifs? what do
      > > guys think?
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