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2480William Griffith, Volume 3, "His Life Meaning and Messages"

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  • kuniegel@verizon.net
    Feb 2, 2012
      New addition to our TR library, Griffith volume 3: There are some excellent speeches in this volume. Here are a few trivia questions from one of the speeches. How many Congressmen resigned to fight in World War One? Were they from both political parties? How many were killed in action? Ever think nothing will ever change in politics or why invest time in a losing battle trying to change things where no one person could ever be effective? TR faced problems every bit as daunting or greater in his day but he fearlessly chose action where others were paralyzed by their thoughts of sure failure.
      I have made a few changes to the closing book monolog starting with this book. I believe the changes better explains the ultimate goal behind the creation of TR American Patriot dot Com. You can check out the monolog at the end of chapter 33
      I have limited the book description to this short quote followed by a index of the speeches.
      Stand with anybody that stands right.  Stand with him while he is right and part with him when he goes wrong.  In both cases you are right.  To desert such ground is to be less than a man, less than an American." Just as it is our duty to support every public servant who goes right, it is our equally emphatic duty fearlessly to oppose him when he goes wrong, and therefore to tell the exact truth about him whether he is right or whether he is wrong.  To support a public servant who does wrong is as profoundly unpatriotic as to oppose a public servant who does right.  To take any other position is to show a servile mind.  Whoever takes any other position shows that he is not fit to be a free man in a free land.  The public servant who does not approve such a position is not seeking to be the servant of the people, but the master of the people.
      I believe the cartoon photo for this book fits what you will find in the book.
      Look for the second and third volumes of James Fenimore Cooper's, "Leather Stocking Tales" to be added soon to our TR Library.