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2440RE: [tr-m] Re: What are the top five must read books about Theodore Roosevelt?

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  • Linda E. Milano
    Dec 6, 2011

      Corinne's book is excellent in its way, but contains many inaccuracies.  For example, TR met Winston Churchill at his sister Bamie's house, not at Corinne's, and not in the year that Corinne said.  Corinne was a poet, and must be allowed poetic license.  It is a good sister's perspective.



      Linda Milano


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      I am enjoying seeing all the input about favorite TR books. I have a number of books that I love that I have not seen mentioned so I thought that I would add one more to the list.


      If you have not read the following book you have missed TR from a sisters perspective. There are many stories in this book that I have not seen included in other book. If you wish to read it and can not find a hard copy. You can get an electronic copy at the supplied URL below. If you wish to listen to it in your car or on other devices you can download audio versions of every chapter. I drive 40 minutes to work and have a choice of over 30 books to listen to on my ipod connected to my car sound system.



      COPYRIGHT, 1921

      http://www.tramericanpatriot.com/content.php?book_id=10046 (you can launch the entire book at the bottom of this page and copy and paste it to your computer. I also have a program on my computer called textAloud that reads the text while I do my 40 minutes on the tread mill) RJK

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      Of course, the Morris trilogy has to head the list.

      Don't forget "The Life and Times of Theodore Roosevelt"  by William Harbaugh.  Best one volume bio of TR.  Concise and to the point.  John Gable swore by it.

      There is also a Life and Times of Theodore Roosevelt by Stephan Lorant, which is less about the man himself than a thorough background of the era and forces with which TR had to contend.

      Other good ones - Mornings on Horseback by David McCullough.  Takes TR up to the time he married Edith Kermit Carow.  Excellent study about how his family helped to shape the man he was to become.

      Theodore Roosevelt: A Life by Nathan Miller.

      If you want a good vignette of a specific period of TR's life, then Commissioner Roosevelt by H. Paul Jeffers is good.

      BY TR:

      The Rough Riders by Theodore Roosevelt.  There is also a book by the same title by Edward Marshall - a journalist with the campaign who actually was injured during the fighting. More balanced reporting, with a better list of the troops.

      I like looking through TR's Presidential Addresses.  Shows exactly what was on his mind, in his own words.

      As for the Autobiography of Theodore Roosevelt - it was actually cobbled together from a series of articles that TR wrote over the years, and is more significant for what it leaves out than what it includes.

      That's about all I can think of at the moment.


      Linda Milano

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      I would have to begin (maybe begin is not the right word) with the Morris trilogy. The reason is simple. He gives us a detailed continuous base line of information from which more specific knowledge can be added from other sources based on a reader's interests. He is also the TR of TR authors - a       
      man who was laughed at as a foreign born writer of ad copy who thought he could accomplish something unique and important. "They" told him it couldn't be done. He embodies the spirit of the man he wrote about.   

      Rafael Gubee 

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      I like many books about and by TR. Here are a few and I think it IS important to read TR in his OWN words. That tells you a LOT about him.

      1. The 7 Worlds of TR by Edward Wagenknecht - Excellent summary of TR from so many angles.
      2. Theodore Roosevelt and His Times - Excellent TR & Times
      3. The Republican Roosevelt - Excellent short book on TR's political talents and ultimate failures with the Progressive Party
      4. Brinkley's Wilderness Warrior - Definitive work on both his background in the sciences, naturalism, nature love and conserv
      5. Theodore Roosevelt - An American Mind - Selected Writings - Shows his amazing diversity as a writer.

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      > Dear tr-m group members,
      > What do you consider the top five books ABOUT Theodore Roosevelt you believe any self-proclaimed TR fan must read including multiple volume sets as one book (excluding Morris' three volumes because these clearly would be included in everyone's list)?
      > Plus, what are your top five favorite books WRITTEN by Theodore Roosevelt?
      > Although I own probably 75 books by and about TR, I have the perception that I have NOT read the most essential TR books and want to make sure I have.
      > All the best,
      > John Olsen

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