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  • Tweed Roosevelt
    Dec 6, 2011
      Dear Rafael,

      I did not know about the Campbell Investigation, which is quite interesting.  Your book sounds promising and I hope you will be successful publishing it.  Unfortunately, I can not help you with any specific recommendations.  However I am sure you will find them.  Of course, you have consulted with Wallace Dailey at Harvard.

      Tweed Roosevelt
      Theodore Roosevelt Association

      On Dec 6, 2011, at 10:22 AM, Robert G Rafael Guber wrote:


      First of all I just want to say that people who share their knowledge on this group are a blessing. I have learned much from many of you. 

      I am currently writing a book about women immigrants, especially those who suffered abuse during the immigration process and after. This a project which is both an intellectual endeavor ( I hope you will agree with that premise when it is done ) and labor of honor and love because one of those abused women was my grandmother. Some of you may know that within weeks of getting into office, TR read the secret testimony of  The Campbell Rodgers Investigation  which focused on the abuse of power and corruption at the New York City Barge Office, the temporary replacement facility for Ellis Island which had burned down June 15th 1897 and did not reopen until December 1900. Among the subjects which were the focus of testimony was the abuse of female immigrants by Bureau of Immigration employees. ASAP,  TR had the guilty parties fired. His zero tolerance for the abuse of women is, of course, well known and was no less for female immigrants who he considered even more helpless. 

      I am looking for any of TR's correspondence on the subject, especially his interest in women taking a greater role in the protection of female immigrants and the female agents for the Bureau of Immigration during the years of the Dillingham Commission.

      All suggestions are welcome. All help received will, of course, be properly credited in my book. 

      Thank You  

      Rafael Guber 


      On Mon, Dec 5, 2011 at 6:27 PM, Linda E. Milano <lindamilano721@...> wrote:

      Of course, the Morris trilogy has to head the list.


      Don't forget "The Life and Times of Theodore Roosevelt"  by William Harbaugh.  Best one volume bio of TR.  Concise and to the point.  John Gable swore by it.


      There is also a Life and Times of Theodore Roosevelt by Stephan Lorant, which is less about the man himself than a thorough background of the era and forces with which TR had to contend.


      Other good ones - Mornings on Horseback by David McCullough.  Takes TR up to the time he married Edith Kermit Carow.  Excellent study about how his family helped to shape the man he was to become.


      Theodore Roosevelt: A Life by Nathan Miller.


      If you want a good vignette of a specific period of TR's life, then Commissioner Roosevelt by H. Paul Jeffers is good.


      BY TR:


      The Rough Riders by Theodore Roosevelt.  There is also a book by the same title by Edward Marshall - a journalist with the campaign who actually was injured during the fighting. More balanced reporting, with a better list of the troops.


      I like looking through TR's Presidential Addresses.  Shows exactly what was on his mind, in his own words.


      As for the Autobiography of Theodore Roosevelt - it was actually cobbled together from a series of articles that TR wrote over the years, and is more significant for what it leaves out than what it includes.


      That's about all I can think of at the moment.



      Linda Milano



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      I would have to begin (maybe begin is not the right word) with the Morris trilogy. The reason is simple. He gives us a detailed continuous base line of information from which more specific knowledge can be added from other sources based on a reader's interests. He is also the TR of TR authors - a       
      man who was laughed at as a foreign born writer of ad copy who thought he could accomplish something unique and important. "They" told him it couldn't be done. He embodies the spirit of the man he wrote about.   



      Rafael Gubee 



      On Mon, Dec 5, 2011 at 12:26 PM, SimonATL <simonatl@...> wr  a man who was luaghed at ote:


      I like many books about and by TR. Here are a few and I think it IS important to read TR in his OWN words. That tells you a LOT about him.

      1. The 7 Worlds of TR by Edward Wagenknecht - Excellent summary of TR from so many angles.
      2. Theodore Roosevelt and His Times - Excellent TR & Times
      3. The Republican Roosevelt - Excellent short book on TR's political talents and ultimate failures with the Progressive Party
      4. Brinkley's Wilderness Warrior - Definitive work on both his background in the sciences, naturalism, nature love and conserv
      5. Theodore Roosevelt - An American Mind - Selected Writings - Shows his amazing diversity as a writer.

      --- In tr-m@..., "John" <DRVOTE@...> wrote:
      > Dear tr-m group members,
      > What do you consider the top five books ABOUT Theodore Roosevelt you believe any self-proclaimed TR fan must read including multiple volume sets as one book (excluding Morris' three volumes because these clearly would be included in everyone's list)?
      > Plus, what are your top five favorite books WRITTEN by Theodore Roosevelt?
      > Although I own probably 75 books by and about TR, I have the perception that I have NOT read the most essential TR books and want to make sure I have.
      > All the best,
      > John Olsen


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